Payroll reporting

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Procedure: Option # 1

    To perform a time clock report for payroll purposes, go to Reports > Employee Time Clock.  The default punch out filter will be for the last 2 weeks' time but adjust as needed.  Each employee's time card entry should be listed for the period, by location, and the total number of hours should be summed for each employee.

A few interesting notes:
  • You can export the hours as a CSV or print to a PDF to send to your accountant.
  • The "Is Original" column signifies if the entry was updated in anyway - you can click on the punch in / out times to see a history of any adjustments that may have been made to a time clock entry.  An adjustment would be done, if an employee forgot to punch in and later did so, and you, or a manager adjusted their punch in time.
You could also run the "Employee Time Clock - Punched in Now" to see everyone currently punched in at the various stores.

Procedure: Option # 2

  1. Go to "Admin"
  2. Search for "Employee time clock"
  3. Click on "Employee time clock"

  1. Filer report as needed
  2. Adjust columns as needed to show the information that you want
  3. Click on the icon to create a Csv or Excel file

  1. Open the file in Excel, Google Sheets, etc and save after verifying that the information is complete and correct
  2. Attach to an email to send on to your bookkeeper, accountant or payroll service

(note that there are options to have this report automatically generated and emailed but we suggest running manually a few ties to ensure that the data is complete and correct)

Here is a video showing how option # 2 works:

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