Adjust and create a time clock entry

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    The following article outlines how to modify an existing employee time clock entry and how to create a time clock entry.


Adjust a time clock entry
  1. From the back office go to Admin Employee Time Clock.  This will display a list of time clock entries that have occurred in the last couple of weeks.  You can sort or filter this list as needed.
  2. Select the entry in question and click Edit Selected Time Clock(s).
  3. Modify the punch in or out time as desired
  4. Enter an Adjustment Comment.  This is the reason why you're changing the entry
  5. Click the Save button.

Create a time clock entry
  1. From the back office go to Admin > Employee Time Clock.
  2. Click on Create New Time Clock.
  3. Select the Employee NamePunch In, Punch Out, and Location (if you are multi-location).
  4. Enter an Adjustment Comment.  This is the reason why you're creating the entry.
  5. Click the Save button.

Q.  Where can I view adjustments to time clock entries?

A.  Each adjustment to a time clock entry is saved in the Time Clock Audit Log so they can be reviewed later if needed.
Q:  What if a user is trying to punch in, but realizes they didn't punch out the night before?
A:  A good policy is to tell cashiers that when they realize this, they should punch out, then punch back in.  If they do this, then you only need to adjust the punch out time.  If they don't do this, you will need to adjust both the punch out time from yesterday and the punch in time for today.

Q:  What if a user never punched in or out for an entire day?

A:  If it's closing time and a cashier forgot to punch in, they should punch in at that moment, then punch out so you only need to adjust the time they clocked in.  This also adds credibility to their reported punch out time.  However,  you can create new entries from scratch by following the instructions above for creating a new time clock entry. 

Here is a video highlighting the above procedure information:

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