Create or Edit a Basic Summary Report

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    If you need to create a Summary report which can be used or many things. Some of these reasons are Emailed report(s) or on a dashboard.


Create a Basic Summary Report:
  1. Log into the back office.
  2. Click "Reports".
  3. Search for the report you would like to a dashboard. For this example we will use "New Memberships".
  4. Click on the "New Memberships" report.
  5. Add the filters you want by clicking on the "AND" to the right of the current filter. We will use "Card Number" and the program called "Employee" for this example.
  6. On the newly added filter click the drop down where it says Card Number and select "Program".
  7. In the space to the right of Contains enter Employee.
  8. Click the magnify glass at the top to ensure you see the data you are expecting to see.
  9. Once you have the data you would like to see click the + on the upper right side of the screen and select "Summaries".
  10. Give the Summary a Title that makes sense for the data you're displaying. For this example we will use "New Memberships For Employee Loyalty Program".
  11. You may want this to default to certain numbers of days previously and you can complete this by following the steps with our article here starting at "Step 5".
  12. Click "Save".

Here is a video showing how to create a Basic Summary Report:

Edit a Summary Report:

  1. Determine what Summary is being used.
    1. If this is for an Emailed report you will look under the user properties. This is the user that is receiving the emailed report. Note the report name that is in the "Report Summary Data" drop-down field.
    2. If this is a report that is on a dashboard you will want to contact a RITE Tech. This will incur a Premium Service charge.
  2. Navigate the report summary.
    1. Open the Back Office if it is not already.
    2. Click on "Reports" then "View report summary data".
    3. Search for the report you noted earlier and note the "Report Title". This will be used later to determine what columns you can add to the summary.
    4. Double click on it to open the properties. We will come back to update the "Displayed Properties" this but leave this tab open.
  3. Locate the main report.
    1. Take the Report Title you noted earlier.
    2. Click on Reports then search for the noted Report Title.
    3. Open the report properties by clicking on the + (near the right side) > Configuration 
    4. Scroll down to the Columns section. 
    5. You will want to note the name in the Source column. These can be used to add columns in the Summary Report.
  4. Update Displayed Properties
    1. Navigate back to the tab that has the report summary from earlier.
    2. In the Displayed Properties box add a comma after the last entry.
    3. Now add one of the Source names you noted earlier.
      NOTE: These are case sensitive so they must match exactly.
    4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until you have all the Source names you would like.
  5. Save the report and the next time your emailed report runs you should have the additional columns.
If you would like to test the report you can navigate to the user and click "Send Test Email" next to the report you updated.

Here is a video showing how to edit a summary report in Cloud Retailer:

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