Creating a Customer Retention Loyalty Coupon / Email Blast

Modified on Wed, 29 Jun, 2022 at 12:13 PM


Cloud Retailer Loyalty contains the ability to set up and send automated emails for customers who meet a particular criterion. This is criteria can be defined via filters on a report summary, so there is a great degree of flexibility in what you can do with this. In this particular case, the Customer would like to send the blast to any customer who hasn't visited the store in the last 6 months. 

Warning: this is a fairly complex process with multiple steps across multiple programs. We strongly encourage you to contact our support team for help ( or 888-267-7483)


Here are the steps required;

1. Import the attached report & report summary XML. Adjust the filters to meet your use case.

2. Import the attached document template and adjust as required.

3. Define a Coupon that you'd like to send to the customer. You should generally be including this coupon in the filter from step 1.

4. Configure an integration process to grant the requisite coupons to the correct users. Here is an example <link to example>

5. Create an Email Document template to define the email body the customer will receive. There is a generic one attached to this tech tip. You can also check this instance for an example that is sending reminders that Coupons are nearly expired;
<insert link here>

6. Create an integration process using the GenerateMembershipReminder Email integration run action. It is advisable to test this process before proceeding with step 7.

7. Test the Integration Process, Email, Report Summary and Coupon. If all tests out well, proceed to Step 8. If not, remediate the problem until tests complete successfully and then proceed.

8. Create an Integration Schedule to run the Integration Process at whatever interval the Customer would like

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