Wholesale Ordering Feature

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This article will cover the Wholesale ordering feature in Cloud Retailer which will include how to manage customer profiles in the Back Office as well as how customers can utilize the website to create orders.

Back Office Features

  1. Manage customer accounts
  2. Set and update customer profiles
  3. Enable specific customer web access
  4. Set a percentage above cost for each specific customer
  5. Force the system to always give specific customers the case price even when purchasing a single unit
  6. Allow specific products to be purchased on a per-customer basis

Website Features

  1. Create new orders
  2. View and manage existing orders
  3. Order reports
    1. Detailed item report that includes both current and past pricing and shows the number of times that product has been ordered during a search period.
    2. Invoice report that shows all invoices during a search period.  This report also allows you to view the details of every order.
    3. Price list report that shows the entirety of a supplier's price list.  This report includes both the case and unit prices as well as an indicator displaying whether the cost has gone up or down from the previous cost.
  4. View and edit the customer's profile

Back Office Procedures

  1. Allow customer web access and compile their product list
    1. Navigate to your back office
    2. Navigate to Admin -> Customers
    3. Search for a customer 
    4. Click on the customer to open up the customer edit page
    5. Enter the customer's email address. Note: The customer will ONLY be allowed access via this email address.  Customers can NOT sign up via the website.
    6. Scroll down to the Additional Customer Settings section
      1. Check the box if the customer Always receives the case price
      2. Check the box if the customer Has wholesale web access
      3. Enter a numerical value in the Percent Above Cost field
    7. In the Wholesale Customer Products section
      1. Search for a specific product or use the filters to find a group of products
      2. If the customer can purchase the item through the wholesale website, check the checkbox in the Is Used column
    8. Once complete, Click Save to save all changes
  2. Provide your customer with their email address in Cloud Retailer and your wholesale website address to complete the activation process

Website Features

Logging in for the first time

  1. Navigate to the wholesale website address provided
  2. Sign up or log in using one of the 3 login methods and the email address provided
    1. If you use the Sign in using other email option, you must create a new account by clicking on the Sign up now link

Creating an Order

  1. From the Home page, click on Create a New Order
  2. Enter your reference number
  3. Enter your desired delivery date
  4. (Optional) Enter any comments for your order
  5. Set the Qty on Order field to the number of units you wish to purchase
  6. Click the Submit or Cancel button to end the order

Manage an Existing Order

  1. From the Home page, click on Manage an Existing order
  2. In the Action column
    1. Click on the ℹ icon to view the order details
    2. Click on the ? to cancel an order

View Reports

  1. To view your purchased item history
    1. From the Home page, click on Detailed report - per item
    2. Select a start and end date
    3. Click Submit to generate the report
  2. To view your invoice's detailed history
    1. From the Home page, click on Summary report - per invoice
    2. Select a start and end date
    3. Click Submit to generate the report
    4. Click on the Invoice number to view the invoice details including specific product details
  3. To view the full supplier price list with cost changes
    1. From the Home page, click on the Price list report
    2. Select a start and end date
    3. Click Submit to generate the report

Edit your Customer Profile

This section will include all of your customer profile information on record.  This section can be found by clicking on the View/edit customer profile from the Home page.  Once you have updated the information, click on Submit to save your new profile.

Customer Impersonation

The Wholesale website has the ability for a user to impersonate a customer to complete an order when the customer is not able to complete an order themselves.  This feature will be triggered based on the user's email address upon logging into the Wholesale website.  

Enabling Customer Impersonation

  1. Navigate to the back office
  2. Navigate to Admin -> Manage Employee Roles
  3. Select and Edit the user role
  4. Navigate to the Wholesale Management section
  5. Check the ImpersonateWholesaleCustomer permission
  6. Click Save

Impersonating a Customer

  1. Navigate to the back office
  2. Navigate to Admin -> Users
  3. Create or Edit a user
  4. Add an email address for the user
  5. Click Save
  6. Navigate to the wholesale website address
  7. Click on the Sign in or Login button
  8. Choose the login method
  9. If the user is signing in for the first time, follow the "Sign up now" steps
  10. On the wholesale website homepage, Click on the Impersonate Customer dropdown in the navigation bar
  11. Select the Customer to impersonate from the dropdown menu
  12. Click on the Impersonate button

From here, every page will be displayed in the context of the selected customer.  You can change customers by simply updating the dropdown menu with a new customer.

Reviewing Wholesale Orders at the POS

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