Creating or Editing Order Types in Cloud Retailer

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This article and video will cover creating or editing order types in the Cloud Retailer point of sale software. Order types are the various options that you have setup in your store when it comes to various options like quotes, sales transactions that need to be put on hold, online orders, pick lists for orders, etc.

Overview of the various Order Type Options:

Code: A short identification for the order type

Name: Name of the order type

Scope: How this order type will be define

  1. Location - Orders can be recalled at any POS computer from the location the order was created at.

  2. Specific POS station - Orders can be only be recalled at the POS computer the order was created at. 

  3. Global - Orders can be recalled at any POS computer from any location, regardless of the location the order was created at.

Syncs to Channel(s): Typically POS and or Mobile

Can apply deposit: Decides if deposits are applicable for this type of order

Contribute to commit inventory: Decides if the order contributes to ‘committed’ quantities on items for ordering and other purposes

Default Deposit Amount (fixed or %): Decides what is the default deposit amount(if applicable). Can be either a fixed value or a percentage

Default order date (days from now): Number of days between the creation date and the default order date.

Force Deposit: Works only for order types that can apply deposit. Instead of asking for the amount of deposit, the suggested amount is taken

Is order printed: Should this order be printed

Order Date Caption: Name, explaining the usage of the order(e.g. expiration date, completion date)

Prompt for details at pre-tender: Enabling this setting will display the Logistic Transaction Info form when cloning or creating an order.

Refresh pricing: Leave this OFF if are making an order and want to preserve a sales price, even if the sale has ended when the order is fulfilled.  Turn this ON if you want to apply Customer Price Levels when you fulfill the order.

Requires customer: Decides if the customer is needed to create the order

Task Pad Name: Decides which task pad should be displayed when the order is in POS.

Tax Persist Behavior: Should the tax jurisdictions be saved with each line item

Process to add or edit an Order Type:

  1. To access Order Types, log in to Cloud Retailer back office/manager and go to "admin" and then search for or click on "order types"
  2. To edit: click on the box to the left of the Order Types that you want to edit and then click on "Edit Selected Order Type(s)". You can then edit using the referenced information above as to what the field names mean.  
  3. To create a new Order Type: Click on "Create New Order Type" and complete the various fields using the reference information above as to what each field name means. 
  4. When done editing or creating an order type, be sure to save your work! 

Here is a video with an overview of editing and creating order types:

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