Support Covered by Subscription Fee

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The standard Cloud Retailer subscription includes a base level of service, including:

  1. Any issue that is classified as a "software defect" - see definitions.  A technician will spend up to 15 minutes researching a potential defect.  If they believe that it is a defect they will continue forward; if they do not believe it is a defect they will require you to approve that they continue the work with the understanding that if we end up determining that it is not a defect the work will be billable.  By doing this you approve 2 hours of work to be done.  In some cases, additional time may need to be approved.  If the conclusion is that a defect is responsible for the issue then the time will be non-billable. 
    1. Examples of reasons why something may not be a defect: lack of training or understanding of the system, working as designed, use of non-supported hardware/software, hardware malfunction, a browser issue, operating system issue, or networking issue caused by the end user's equipment.
  2. Any issue relating to hardware that was purchased from RITE within 90 days of the date of receipt by the customer.
  3. Resolving in-scope issues revolving around credit card processing are covered.  If changing processors or reinstalling payment terminal hardware, standard flat rate charges apply.
  4. Access to video training
  5. Access to online help documentation
  6. RITE initiated updates to the software
  7. Simple question & answer type cases which are submitted via email and do not require a phone call or remote access.  Response times are not typically same-day for these “non-premium” support requests via email and have a limited interaction of 15 minutes each with a total consumed time cap in any given month of 1 hour.
Premium services are defined as any services provided outside of the scope of our base services. These include (but are not limited to):
  1. A direct and semi-dedicated technical contact at RITE – your tech agent will know your business and you’ll know them.
  2. During business hours phone and remote access support to assist with any technology issue regardless if it’s directly related to Cloud Retailer or not.  That means things like virus removal, application installation, data recovery, general computer problems, etc.
  3. Installation, implementation, administration, and customization of the Cloud Retailer system.
  4. One-on-one training if desired (in addition to video training).
  5. Access to our 24/7/365 emergency support team is a premium service.  Emergency support is consumed at 1.5X the normal consumption of your premium support package. 
  6. If there are things you or your team could do using the system that you'd prefer our team do for you, these are premium services.  For example; if you wanted data in a file cleaned up and then imported - that would be a premium service.
  7. If a well qualified "IT guy/gal" could fix the problem then it would be considered a premium service and not standard Cloud Retailer support.  With our premium services we’re happy to act as your outsourced IT staff or an extension of your existing IT staff – we’re up for almost any task.
  8. If there as a special requirement to your project and you approved the go-live of your system, did not test and confirm the satisfaction of the requirement, then report that the special requirement was not fulfilled more than 60 days after go-live then the work involved in resolving the issue would be a premium service.
The difference between premium and non-premium services can be simplified down to doing versus asking a question in most cases.  For example: 
  • Asking how to create a new button at the POS (to which we'll likely provide a help desk article/video describing how to do this) would be non-billable.  Asking our team to do that for you would be a premium service.
  • Asking our team how to modify a price in the system (non-billable) versus asking our team to change the price on 3 products for you (premium service).
  • If there are a substantial number of questions like this (consuming more than the times allotted in "STANDARD SUPPORT > section 6") we may require your staff to receive re-training (premium services).
  • There are functions in the system that clients specifically cannot do on their own, typically, and cannot be described as they require a base level of technical knowledge.  Modifying a receipt template requires knowledge of HTML for example.  These types of requests always required premium services.
Typically, a certain quantity of premium services are provided with all Cloud Retailer proposals.  Premium services bear an additional cost and are also subject to a "terms of service" agreement, please speak to your sales representative for details or email

  1. If hardware was purchased through RITE it often includes additional services, like installation or preparation.  The services included with the hardware you purchased will be stated on your quote.
    1. Reinstallation of hardware provided by you is billable.  If you purchase the wrong product and installation needs to occur twice, expect that we will bill twice even if the first installation attempt was unsuccessful.
  2. Support for any hardware not purchased through RITE would be out of scope and considered premium services.
  3. Warranty issues would be handled through the manufacturer, outside of the RITE Scan mobile Android handheld devices which come with a 1-year warranty.
  4. If your credit card processor provided the payment terminals to you, it is their responsibility to resolve hardware and warranty issues.  
    1. There is a known bug with the Pax PX5 payment terminals where the "accept" button quits working and signatures may have issues.  The resolution, as reported to us by Heartlands technical support team, is to update the PX5 to the latest Pax firmware.  If the terminals were supplied by the payment provider it is our expectation that they will apply this fix, hopefully before the units are shipped to the customer.  If you would like us to apply the fix to non-RITE supplied terminals the cost is $150 per terminal.

SOFTWARE DEFECT - A defect is an error in coding or logic that causes a program to malfunction or to produce incorrect/unexpected results.  A defect is NOT a situation where the end user believes that the software should work a different way than it does or that it could potentially work better than it does.  If the application is working as designed, even though the design is not perfect, then it is not a technical "defect".

Summary/Key Points

  • Billable (paid) support requires payment or a pre-paid positive support balance. This is for support that is not related to a product defect or when additional hand holding is required. This also applies for when self help resources are available but the customer elects to not use the self serve resources. Our tech team will communicate with you before charges apply to confirm that you understand that the work being done is billable work.


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