Daylight savings time

Modified on Mon, 2 Jan, 2023 at 4:14 PM


As Cloud Retailer has multi-store chains that span multiple countries and timezones the application stores all data in the database in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).  UTC is not affected by daylight savings time and as a result, when time is translated back to you for data that's happened in the past it is not affected by Daylight savings time differences.

An example would be if the clocks were turned forward (springtime in the US), then a sale that occurred in the past would appear at 7am instead of 8am.  Anything that's store with a date/time is affected by this, including time clock entries.

In terms of time clock entries, while the start and end times may appear off by one hour - the total quantity of hours worked is still correct.

Ultimately, the local time of an event with the daylight savings impact can be extrapolated backward, and we plan to do this.  A new feature is due to be released at some point soon to add better support for daylight savings time

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