Creating a new user

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   This article will cover creating new users in Cloud Retailer.  


1.  Go to the back office > Admin menu > Create new user

2.  Enter the information about the user - the key data elements are:
  • Username/password, this will be used at the POS and back office to log in (provided they have adequate permission to do so.
  • Require password change - if you set this to TRUE then the user will be required to change their password the next time they log in to the Back Office.  They will not be prompted for a password change if they log in to the POS.
  • Is active - unchecking this box for all intents and purposes deletes the user.
  • Is locked - this means the user will not be able to log in to the system.
  • Role - these are the permissions that the user will have in the system.  You can also adjust what the roles are capable of by going to Admin > Manage employee roles
  • Email address/email report summaries - you have the ability to send reports or notifications to users on a regular basis (once-a-day sales report or a void alert for something that happened recently at the POS). 
  • Time zone - the system's reporting engine is sensitive to the user's local time zone so that data is presented to you based on where you are located.  Many of our customers have stores and users across time zones so this setting properly manages that difference.
  • All other information is for your reference only.  AKA - a cashier didn't show up for work today and you need to call them, this can be a handy place to store their phone number, etc.
3.  When done, click save.  You're done!  The user will have the ability to log into the POS / back office within a minute or so.

Here is a video showing how to create a new user in Cloud Retailer:

Average Time to Complete

15 minutes

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