Using weight scales

Modified on Thu, 23 Jun, 2022 at 3:38 PM

Special Note: Cloud Retailer no longer supports using scales or selling products sold by weight. The information below is for existing Cloud Retailer customers only as we will continue to support existing customers only who already sell weighted items and/or have existing scales.


   This article will outline how to set up weighted items in Cloud Retailer.  


There are a few types of scales that can work with Cloud Retailer:

1)  Random weight scales - like deli scales.  

These scaled produce barcodes with the price embedded.  Cloud retailer offers support for Random weight barcodes by industry standard.  Note: Using a random weight barcode as the product UPC or as an alternate code will cause the POS to prompt for a quantity for that item, even if the "Prompt for Quantity" option is disabled.

2)  Scales connected to the POS using OPOS.

In order to use a scale at the POS you must set it up as an OPOS device and then add it to your register/device setup in the back office.  In order to get the POS to use the scale with a product, you need to add a "Tag" to the product attributes with the name "Weighted"

Once you do this, when you add that product to the transaction it will be added using the quantity that is outputted by the scale at that moment.  Additionally, there is a product attribute called "Prompt for quantity" that prompts you to enter the quantity when the product is being sold.  If a scale is attached the item will use the quantity from the scale as the default value. Products that use the scale will be added to the POS with four decimal places of precision for their quantity.
If no value is sent from the scale when a tagged item is added, the POS will prompt for quantity. If prompt for quantity is enabled on the product you're weighing, you can either set the quantity manually or add weight to the scale (if prompt for quantity is not enabled, you will not be able to weigh the product in the pop-up window).

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