Connecting a Bluetooth scanner to a tablet for inventory scanning (SG20)

Modified on Tue, 8 Jun, 2021 at 1:05 PM


This article applies specifically to the Intermec SG20 Bluetooth barcode scanner. 


If you want to connect the scanner directly to the device scan the attached barcode (word document), in sequence.

Then search for the Bluetooth device and pair it with your tablet or phone device.  It should appear in the device list as "SG20B - 0016A4083FA2" though the second set of numbers on yours will be different (that's the device's specific Bluetooth address/fingerprint).  Once done it should connect.  

A few tips:

  • If you have any problems with this process, try restarting the tablet or phone device.
  • If the blue light on the scanner is solid that means it's actively connected to Bluetooth.
  • If the blue light is off then either the device is off or it's waiting to pair.  Pull the trigger to start the device - you'll hear a double beep and it will flash blue until it connects.  You'll hear a triple/happy beep when it connects. 
  • If you scan a barcode and the light turns red and you hear a rapid succession of beeps (mad beeps) you are trying to scan when it is not connected.
  • If you scan and the light turns green, then blue again right away, and stays blue - that means it's working properly.
  • If you scan and the light turns green, then blue, then after about 5 seconds turns off, that means something is not configured properly.  Rescan the barcodes and reconnect the scanner to the device again (start over).
  • If you triple-click the scan button on the scanner on some devices it will make the touchscreen keyboard appear on the screen.

If you have a charging cradle that is connected to the device you want to use the scanner via USB, then you should connect the scanner to the cradle instead. You should be able to do this by scanning the barcode on the bottom of the cradle.

If you're using the scanner at the POS having the STX prefix and ETX suffix is a must, if you're using the scanner with the back-office app it's recommended though it can have some odd effects on different operating systems. See this article for more information: Configuring Scanners and MSR's to send STX / ETX

If you're using another type of barcode scanner, please utilize the manufactures resources to configure it.  If you'd like our assistance and you did not purchase the scanner from your authorized reseller additional fees may apply.


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