Configure Printers for the POS

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You may decide that you need a new printer whether it is a receipt printer or a standard full-page printer. If this happens you will want to change the printer that the POS looks for.


This article assumes that you know how to find the name of the printer and you have done so before moving to the following steps (the name can normally be found in Windows under "printers and scanner" and then right-clicking on the printer to see "properties" - see screen shot below the video at the very bottom of this page).
  1. Log in to the Back Office
  2. Click on "Admin" then search and click on "Device / register list".
  3. Find the device you would like to adjust and click on it once then click on "Edit Selected Register(s)".
  4. Scroll down to the Register Equipment section until you see the headings Device Name, Device Type, and Document Set. You will be adjusting the "Device Name".
  5. Find the "Device name" (this is the name of the printer) that was replaced and highlight the text in that field then change the "Device name" from what it is currently to the new printer name.
  6. Click "Save".
  7. Then sync the register and close the POS program (this is not closing the shift) then open the POS program again and the new printer will be used.

Here is a video covering the above Procedure:

 Sample of a device name in Windows 10:

Average Time to Complete

15 minutes including getting printer name and syncing POS

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