How to setup a promotion / discount scheme

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In Cloud Retailer, there are multiple ways to set up a discount.


  1. You can set an item to have a sale start/end date and sale price.  You can use worksheets to apply sale pricing across many products.
  2. You can create a discount scheme.  You can find these by going to the "Admin" tab in the back office.  You'll see product, custom, and coupon discounts.  All three of these functionalities work the same way except for the event that causes them to execute.

  • A product discount is automatically applied when certain criteria are met.  These criteria a fairly vast and could be the type of product, a date range or day of week, the quantity sold (buy 12 and get a discount), etc. 
  • A coupon discount is only applied when the same criteria above is mentioned AND a coupon is scanned.
  • A custom discount is fired when a configured event occurs and when the set criteria is met.  These discounts could be tied to a button (military discount button for example) or can be used in custom workflows, like being applied to only loyalty club members.
To create a new discount click

Give the discount a name and set the other qualification criteria like start and end date (if applicable) and choose the "Discount Engine Type".  

Click "Add Filter" to start this process; add filters for any specific locations you want to qualify for the discount as well as the product groups that should have the discount applied.  There is a limit of 37 filters. if you have a specific list of products that span categories or departments that you think you can't easily cover in 3 or 4 filters you should consider adding tags to the products and filtering them using the created tag.

When done hit the magnifying glass icon to preview the results.  Make sure the same list of products is a logical result for your desired filter.

 NOTE: If you do not define a product filter it will apply to ALL products at ALL locations which, in some cases is desired but not typically.

The last step is to define the values around the "Discount Engine Type", depending on your chose you'll have a multitude of options.  Once done save the discount.  Be sure you exit out of all POSs and then go back in.  We strongly recommend that you test and confirm the discount is working as expected.

Video showing how to quickly put a product on sale:

Video showing how to create more advanced discounts, sales and promotions in Cloud Retailer:

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